England & Paris

For two weeks, Mandy and I travelled around England and Paris. We saw 4 cities, 5 villages, 7 churches, 3 museums, a couple palaces, and a castle. And that's not the half of it!

Needless to say, we both want to go back.

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Photos from the multi-week event (a trip to the pumpkin farm / corn maze, pumpkin carving -- best done with a dremel, and our halloween party) are now up on SmugMug.

(Mandy & I were Guitar Heroes!)

...and Buckley debuted as his true "piggy" self:

To complete the pumpkin theme, Mandy & Sarah made stew in a pumpkin:

Happy Halloween, everyone!

It lives.

This morning, the new (SuperSecret) project I've been working on was announced and shown at the PDC Keynote in LAX.

I can't tell you how exciting this is -- if for no other reason than I can now tell people that I work on the Microsoft Office Web Applications. :)

Check out the video on Channel 9 to see it for yourself!


Mandy & I had an excellent time in Maui exploring the island. With the excellent beaches, unbelievable snorkeling, scenic drive to Hana (with all of it's Waterfalls), relaxing Luaus, impressive volcanoes, great food, and constant sunshine, we're definitely looking to go back and visit again! (Anyone else interested? :)

As usual, you can find photos up on Smugmug:

Love & Marriage

On Saturday, September 27th, Mandy & I were married at Cannon Beach. It was truly beyond my wildest expectations.

(As you can probably tell, we're still searching for the words to describe it, or our gratitude to all those who came and those who helped make the day such a success. We're so thankful to have such wonderful friends & family.)

Here's some photos from Friday morning and later during the rehearsal / dinner:

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On Turning 29

Last weekend Nathaniel, Ai, Enna and Mandy took me out to dinner at Tango. Naturally, I had to bring the camera. ;-p

Photos are up at Sugmug:

Day of Caring

Today I volunteered along with a number of my co-workers to clean up the Leschi Natural Park Area as part of the United Way's Day of Caring program. I've participated in a Day of Caring program 4 of the last 5 years I've been at Microsoft, and it's introduced me to a number of local organizations in the community such as the Domestic Abuse Women's Network and Hopelink -- both of which I still continue to donate my time & money to this very day.

This was my first time volunteering with Green Seattle, and it was quite fun! Not only did I get a chance to improve a local park, and dig in the dirt, but it also provided a great opportunity to play around some more with the new toy. ;-p

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